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About Lottokings

What are lottery messenger services and how do they work?

LottoKings appears to be a lottery ticket distribution service offered to participants in the United States and around the world. Lottery messengers or concierge companies enable players from around the world to join international lotteries by engaging agents to purchase tickets on their behalf. Curacao Legacy 8 NV. The corporation owns, and Vintrillions and Trilonario are related sites. Bahamas-based Legacy 8 Ltd. purchased the assets of former owners Triangulum and Ledonford Ltd.

Legacy 8 Gaming is the current owner of the LottoKings and PokerStars platforms. Legacy 8 appears to be a Canadian corporation headquartered in Toronto with at least one director headquartered in London. We haven’t received any customer concerns yet since we took over the handling of the websites.

Since 2005, the Swedish firm, Lottokings, has been buying lotto tickets for winners around the world. You’re asked to bring some tickets for such a friend in New York or Los Angeles, and you’re sending them that cash and some more.

How to play?

Lottokings platforms

Select your favorite lottery games by visiting or returning to the website. Users will be offered a variety of panels from which to choose, and users will be able to select their number. There are several “duration” settings at the bottom of the fake play slip. The multi-draw choice is what it sounds like. 

Decide how many drawings you’d like to pay for ahead of time (up to 50) or select the Subscribe button. Some multiple-draw orders are eligible for a ticket deduction in price. A multi-draw with about 50 upcoming drawings is not like a subscription. Subscriptions on the website can be paused and resumed at any time.

Raising funds and winning prizes

Lottokings winning prizes

With a debit or credit card, digital rechargeable debit card, or Bitcoins, users can fund accounts. If your payment is less than $600, the subscription will be paid directly into their accounts. The winning customer service team will contact you for more prizes, like the lottery.

After creating a new account (which only takes less than a minute), go to Add Money and choose an amount. His account will be credited immediately, and users will be able to play any game available. Depending on your preference, the funds will be paid to you by check or wire transfer.

You can settle for collecting your prize, which will give you the better ticket to a winner. Nearly 200,000 people have won prizes ranging from modest cash prizes to the $1 million lotteries.


The same business that gave you WinTrillions owns LottoKings. According to the website, they will reimburse your cash without any questions. If users do not win certain prizes during the first 30 days, or the website or service is not truly up to standard, you may request a refund.

Since 2006, has been the largest online lottery messenger service on the planet. A Triple Satisfaction Guarantee is provided by the company: 1: if you are unsatisfied with the goods, 2: if a website or service is subpar, or 3: when someone makes a mistake.

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