Zynga Poker Rules: Basic Rules of Playing Online Zynga Poker

Zynga poker rules while playing

When it comes to Zynga poker, you have to follow some rules while playing this online game.

The rules of this game are more or less like no-limit Texas Hold’em. So if you know how to play Texas Hold’em, you need to follow the same rules in Zynga Poker.

However, there are some rules which differ as Zynga Poker is only played online. This poker game is launched by Zynga games.

You can use your computer, smartphone, or any other device to play this game.

Zynga Poker Rules

How to play Zynga Poker

Zynga poker rules are pretty simple. Even if you don’t know the rules, you can easily learn them. It makes the game more fun and interesting.

  • Online Game: The first and the biggest rule of playing Zynga poker is that it is an online game. So you need a device with an active internet connection to play it. You cannot play it offline.
  • Connect with Facebook: Another rule of playing Zynga poker is that you need to connect it with your Facebook account. If you want to move ahead in the game, it is wise to connect it with Facebook. You can play with your friends and check your status if you play on Facebook. 
  • Chips: Instead of playing with real money, you have to play poker with virtual chips. When you start playing this game, you will get free chips. You have to use these chips to play. As you win each game, you will get more chips in your account. You can check the chips in your as well as your friend’s account. 
  • Buy Chips: If you run out of all the chips in the game, you need to buy more chips. You can play slots to earn chips. You can also borrow the chips from your friends. If you don’t have any other option, you can use real money to buy more virtual chips in the game.
  • No-Limit: You have to follow all the rules of no-limit Texas Hold’em. There is no limit in the game. You can play with any amount you wish. 
  • Join Table: To start playing the game, you need to join a table. If a game is going on, you need to wait. You can join any table you want. You can also filter the table. There will be many other players on the table.
  • Pre-Flop: In the pre-flop stage, you need to wager a bet in the pot if you are in the blind or big blind position.
  • Flop: In flop, you will get two cards. All the other players will also get 2 cards. The cards will be face down so that only you can see it.
  • Hand Ranking: This game is all about creating the highest hand ranking. If you use the two cards with other 5 community cards on the table, you will win the game.
  • Action: When it is your chance to play the game or make a move, you need to use the buttons on the screen to take action. You can fold, bet, raise or check.

These are some of the rules of playing Zynga Poker online. The rules define the mechanism of the game. If you understand the rules clearly, the game will become easy for you.

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